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Colour Correction Specialists

Specialist hair colouring cannot be found in a box...

"Remember it is not the box or the bottle that does the work.  It is the hands and the mind using the colour that is key." Rick Wellman

Achieving a high level of colour change successfully takes a lot of consultation and thought - not to mention a skin test, multiple stand tests, undercoats (yes, undercoats!) and an application plan to suit your hairstyle and maintenance needs.

Why then do so many manufacturers make you believe that it is 'oh so easy'?

Changing your hair colour is great fun, however it takes planning and great care. When you come into Freedom Hair Experience for a no olbigation consultation, we can, within reason, achieve almost any colour - but not without the consequences being explained to you.

What do you do for home maintenance?
What will you do when you become tired of your look?
What is the plan for the next colour?

Your hair should always be a work in progress. A little forward thought and planning is important before you go ahead with any colour. So... don't pick a box colour. Good hair colouring happens because of the trained person applying the colour understanding where the different colours should be placed and the effect they will have on the overall look. With a box colour, you put it on all over and hope for the best! Don't take a risk with a cheap box colour... it's a very costly mistake to remedy!  Your hair is your best accessory - wear it well!

If you have any questions on hair colour or are interested in a free hair consultation, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


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