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The team at Freedom are an ensemble of characters; dedicated, passionate and most pertinently, very talented at their profession. Together they are an undeniable family unit – and beyond this, they openly welcome you to be part of their clan. Each and every member is devoted to their craft and to you as the customer. When you enter the salon you feel welcome, relaxed and cared for, and you leave confident, still full of laughter and feeling good about yourself – I can personally attest to this.

Irving is a hairdresser of vast experience and a multitude of talent, complemented by a caring and wonderfully humble nature, and matched with a passion and devotion for timeless style and creativity.

I never thought I would have and extended undercut, with half of my hair shaved, and yet when Irving suggested it, I believed in his vision and trusted his capabilities. I can honestly say I instantly loved the cut and style, and I have never felt so confident with a haircut in all my years – it has given me Freedom, where I no longer feel hidden and swamped by my hair, and now my hair is manageable for me to look after and style. The cut has given me a sharp and edgy look, but it can also be easily transformed into a chic and softer style. Providing such a great haircut, making it controllable for me and retaining the versatility, is a testament to Irving and the Freedom team.

I gained the wonderful opportunity to be able to be part of the Face of Freedom 2012 competition - it was an honour. Meeting, working with, and embracing the show alongside the beautiful and extraordinary Maggie's Ladies from Maggie's Centre (Dundee), was without doubt, a humbling and heartening experience in equal measure. It was a process, experience and final evening, that I will most certainly never forget, and served to showcase not only Freedom's professional skills, but further demonstrate how the Freedom team go above and beyond the remit of hairdressing, acting upon their passions, and truly touching peoples' lives.

Freedom Hairdressing and the Freedom Hair Experience – is so much more than just a haircut. Sara P

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