Colour Services

When you book any colour service with us we will carry out a pre-appointment colour consultation. It’s important we understand what you want to achieve with your new colour and agree what’s possible.

We will chose a bespoke colour that’s right for you. This may mean we use multiple colours to achieve the desired effect.

We use the highest quality colourants, hair care products and techniques.

At Freedom Hair we will always carry a skin sensitivity test if you’re a new client or haven’t been in the salon for a while.

Colour correction

We often meet new clients when they’ve had a bad colour experience elsewhere, often from home colouring.

Through our pre-appointment consultation process we will work with you to rectify the colour issues and agree a colour correction plan. Sometimes this may be a ‘work in progress’ as it’s often difficult to reverse the damage.

Be assured you will receive advice and guidance from highly trained colour specialists.